What is Vintage Fiestaware Worth? Fiesta Valuation Guide

Many American homes possess popular items from the 19th century, items that they may not even know the value of. Fiestaware is one of these items, and can make owners tons of money if they know its value and where to sell it. This article aims to teach you how to get the most out of your dusty Fiestaware collection.

Vintage Fiestaware that remains in good quality can be worth as much as $1,000 or more per piece, and up to $8,000 to $10,000 for a complete set. Fiestaware originated in the 1930s; Therefore, the older the Fiestaware, and the rarer the color, the more money it’s going to be worth.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how and where you can sell your Fiestaware, or maybe you’re still trying to decide if your Fiestaware is even worth selling at all. Keep reading to be guided through the steps of selling and understanding your Fiestaware; there’s much more to it than you probably think.

Collection of Original Fiestaware by Homer Laughlin – Vintage Fiesta from AlanDesignStudio on Etsy – $950

Fiestaware was released in the middle of the Great Depression, and the owner hoped that the brightly colored dishes would improve happiness. Fiestaware is special because of the uniqueness of the brightly colored pieces and the durability of each item. It became so popular during the 1940s and 1950s that it was a staple in many kitchens across America.

When did Fiestaware originate?

Fiestaware originated in the 1930s and was created by Frederick Hurten Rhead, and introduced to the world by the Homer Laughlin Pottery Company. [Source]

Where did Fiestaware originate?

Fiestaware was produced in the United States, more specifically in Newell, West Virginia. At the time of its introduction, Frederick Hurten Rhead didn’t know that Fiestaware would go on to become what is now the most collected brand of china over any other brand, at least in the United States. [Source]

Vintage Fiestaware Ashtrays Original Fiesta Colors
Vintage Fiestaware Ashtrays Original Fiesta Colors from TheSellersCabinet on Etsy – $69+ Each

Is Fiestaware Valuable?

Fiestaware can be very valuable; there is a direct correlation between the value of Fiestaware and how old it is. The closer to the origination of Fiestaware that your dishes were made, the more they’re going to be worth.

There are other qualities of Fiestaware that make them valuable as well, not just their age, which will be addressed further into the article.

Vintage Fiestaware Juice Set - Disc Pitcher and Tumblers
Vintage Fiestaware Juice Set – Disc Pitcher and Tumblers from TheSellersCabinet on Etsy – $165

Why is Fiestaware valuable?

There are a few different aspects of Fiestaware that contribute to its great value.

First, Fiestaware is valuable because of its popularity. Since, like discussed above, Fiestaware is the best selling china in the United States, there is a higher demand for it. Where there’s a higher demand, there are higher and higher bars to jump to get that thing.

Vintage Fiestaware Teacup and Saucers
Vintage Fiestaware Teacup and Saucers from TheSellersCabinet on Etsy – $15-$26 each

Since so many people want Fiestaware, sellers can charge large amounts of money for it; Fiestaware has become a supply and demand demonstration.

Second, Fiestaware is valuable because it has bright colors. [Source] There are not too many china brands that make dishes with colors quite like Fiestaware.

The first 6 original Fiestaware colors produced by Homer Laughlin in the 1930s were Red, Cobalt, Yellow, Light Green, Old Ivory, and Turquoise. 5 of the original 6 colors are shown below in this original 1930s multicolor relish tray.

Vintage Fiestaware Multicolor Relish Tray
Vintage Fiestaware Multicolor Relish Tray – $950 from ThisandthatforDaniel on Etsy

The discontinued colors that are no longer in production include the original red (often called radioactive red), cobalt blue, light green, yellow, turquoise (1937-1969), old ivory, forest green, rose, chartreuse, gray, medium green, antique gold, turf green, black, apricot, periwinkle blue, sea mist green, lilac, persimmon, sapphire, pearl gray, juniper, cinnabar, plum, shamrock, tangerine, peacock, heather, evergreen, chocolate, paprika, marigold, flamingo, sage, and claret. [Source]

Fiestaware colors that are currently in production and are therefore generally less valuable are white, turquoise (1988+), sunflower, scarlet, ivory, lemongrass, lapis, poppy, slate, daffodil, mulberry, meadow, butterscotch, twilight, and peony.

Please note that turquoise, yellow, cobalt blue, and rose Fiestaware pieces have been produced again since 1986, so look at the markings on the bottom to determine if your Fiesta is the original vintage run of those colors from the 1930s-1970s, or if it’s a modern post-1986 production.

Fiestaware Vintage Turquoise Fiesta Plate Markings
Fiestaware Vintage Original Turquoise Fiesta Plate Markings
Fiestaware Modern (post-1986) Turquoise Plate Markings

Check out our full article on identifying and dating your Fiestaware.

How Valuable is Fiestaware?

Fiestaware can be worth a good sum of money if you know what you’re trying to sell. Fiestaware is worth the most if it is vintage, but you can still make money from your newer Fiestaware. For example, this limited run 5-piece set of sapphire Fiesta from 1996/1997 is selling for $150. The lilac purple Fiestaware disc jug and tumblers from 1993-1995 limited edition run is selling for $175.

Fiesta Sapphire Blue Limited Edition 5 piece place setting Fiestaware
Fiesta Sapphire Blue Limited Edition 5 piece place setting Fiestaware from JessiesVintageDishes on Etsy – $150
Fiesta (Fiestaware) Disc Water Jug Pitcher with 4 Tumblers in LILAC 60th Anniversary RARE color
Fiesta Lilac Limited Run Rare Color Fiestaware Disc Pitcher and Tumblers from TheSellersCabinet on Etsy – $199

Check out the list in the previous paragraphs to determine whether or not your Fiesta color has been discontinued or was a limited edition as this will typically increase the value.

What is the range of general Fiestaware’s worth?

Fiestaware is generally worth somewhere in between the $10 and $200 range.

Is Fiestaware worth more if it is vintage?

Like with almost all other products, Fiestaware is worth much more money if it’s vintage. In addition to its value, vintage Fiestaware is also much easier to sell, since so many people collect authentic, vintage Fiestaware.

Fiestaware Antique Gold Gravy Sauce Boat with Underplate Vintage Fiesta
Fiestaware Antique Gold Gravy Sauce Boat Underplate – from RetailTherapist on Etsy – $81

What is Vintage Fiestaware Worth?

Vintage Fiestaware can be worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

What is the range of vintage Fiestaware’s worth?

Most genuine, vintage Fiestaware is going to sell for about $50 to $300, with larger, more unique pieces such as cake plates, mixing bowls, vases, and teapots selling for $150 – $1000. The price depends on the level of demand for that particular color and dish piece. [Source]

FIESTA Original Turquoise Vase - Rare Vintage Fiestaware selling for $785
FIESTA Original Turquoise Vase – Rare Vintage Fiestaware from PastAccoutrements on Etsy – $785
Fiesta 1936-38 Set of 4 Nesting Bowls - Rare Vintage Fiestaware
Fiesta 1936-38 Set of 4 Nesting Bowls – Rare Vintage Fiestaware from KathyBeeVintage on Etsy – $899

What is the Rarest Fiestaware Color?

The rarest Fiestaware color is medium green. [Source] The top four rarest types of Fiestaware (in order of rarest to least rare), categorized by color, are the following:

  • medium green colored Fiestaware
  • forest green colored Fiestaware
  • chartreuse colored Fiestaware
  • rose colored Fiestaware
Medium Green Fiesaware - Rarest Fiesta Color - 3 Salad Bowls
Medium Green Fiestaware Salad Bowls – Retired Rare Fiesta – from retrOKC on Etsy $125 Each
Forest Green Fiestaware Bowl - Rare Fiesta
Forest Green Fiestaware Bowl – Retired Rare Fiesta – from BaileyRetroFun on Etsy. $48
Chartreuse Fiestaware Teapot - Rare Green Fiesta
Chartreuse Fiestaware Teapot – Retired Rare Green Fiesta from JessiesVintageDishes on Etsy. $65
Rose Fiestaware Cream and Sugar with Tray - Retired Rare Fiesta
Rose Fiestaware Cream and Sugar with Tray – Retired Rare Fiesta from JessiesVintageDishes on Etsy – $40

Are different Fiestaware colors worth more than others?

Each Fiestaware color is worth a unique and individualized amount. For instance, medium green Fiestaware is worth more than red Fiestaware, regardless of the type of piece the dish is. Discontinued colors and limited run colors typically sell for the most money.

What Fiestaware color can I sell for the most money?

The Fiestaware color that sells for the most amount of money is medium green Fiestaware. The reason that medium green Fiestaware can earn you the greatest profit to resell is that, as discussed above, it is the rarest color of Fiestaware.

Check out our full article on identifying your Fiestaware for more information.

1930’s Striped Fiestaware – Rare Fiesta Red Stripe, Green Stripe, and Blue Stripe on Ivory

Another rare Fiestaware pattern is the vintage Fiesta stripe on ivory. Produced in the 1930s, striped plates, bowls, and platters were available in blue, green, and red. Some single pieces of original striped Fiesta sell for $1,000 or more, like this Fiesta Red Stripe Chop Plate selling for $1,275 on Etsy.

Ultra Rare Fiesta Red Stripe Chop Plate from JessiesVintageDishes on Etsy – $1,275

But don’t confuse the authentic vintage striped Fiesta for the Retro Stripe Plates that were produced in the early 2000s for the HLCCA conference. These are typically marked on the bottom with HLCCA, and since they are not vintage, they aren’t worth nearly as much.

Is Fiestaware Worth it?

According to public opinion, it is clear that Fiestaware is worth it; after all, Fiestaware is the most popular china brand in the country.

Is Fiestaware just for decoration?

Fiestaware is not just for decoration. Though Fiestaware is a very popular type of china to collect, it’s not just valuable as a collectible. Fiestaware is dinnerware that functions just like any other; just don’t break your Fiestaware, especially if it holds great value.

The one type of Fiestaware that is not useable is what is nicknamed radioactive red Fiestaware. This Fiestaware is not actually red, but orange. Orange Fiestaware was eventually replaced with a safe version, but it’s still important to avoid that type of vintage Fiestaware. Check out our full article for more information about which Fiestaware is radioactive.

Radioactive Red Fiestaware Disc Pitcher - Vintage Atomic Red Fiesta in Original Box
Radioactive Red Fiestaware Disc Pitcher from OutoftheboxFine on Etsy – $129

Can I sell my Fiestaware online?

The best place to sell your Fiestaware is probably online. Most Fiestaware collectors and vintage item collectors do most of their shopping online. If you are looking to sell your Fiestaware, first search for actual Fiestaware resale websites. After exhausting those options, try selling your vintage Fiestaware on eBay, or even Etsy.

One important tip for selling your Fiestaware online is to not undersell collectible Fiestaware. Don’t shoot for under the profit you think you could be making, because Fiestaware is in high enough demand that someone will buy it at full or even marked up price.

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