About Us

My grandmother was born in 1923. Like many people who grew up in the Great Depression, she never threw anything away! Her home became a treasure trove of beautiful and unique antiques.

She purchased and collected many beautiful items throughout the decades, but the items that were most special to her were the simple ones from her childhood home, such as the wooden butter churn and butter mold, or the heavy brown jugs and crocks.

Her favorite items to collect were glassware, especially sandwich green and depression glass, measuring cups, and handkerchiefs.

My Nana in 2013 on her 90th Birthday

Growing up, I would often visit antique stores and go to antique festivals with my grandmother and my mom. It was always fun to come across items that my grandmother had in her home and see what they cost.

As a child, I began collecting vintage thimbles, excitedly searching the antique stores for pretty or unique ones. I still remember the thrill of excitement when I would find one. It was like being on a treasure hunt!

As a teenager, I began collecting blue delft china and other blue items, like blue depression glass. I was determined that one day, I would have my own kitchen in cobalt blue and white. In 2018 I was able to fulfill that dream, and I love my beautiful blue and white kitchen where I can proudly display some of the items I’ve collected over the years.

These items remind me of my grandmother and I cherish the memories we had together.

Antique Answers was started as a way to answer my own questions about antiques, and to provide a resource for others who are interested in learning more about their own vintage items and heirlooms.

When I’m not busy researching antiques, you can find me working on my website about the Montessori Method, and also running my wedding and party supply business, Ella Celebration.