About Us

Stacy Jones is the owner of Antique Answers.

Coming from a family of antique lovers and collectors, Stacy spent a lot of her childhood shopping in antique stores and around antique shows. She learned to love the history and usage of old items and began to see each outing with her mom and grandmother as a treasure hunt for something beautiful.

Stacy Jones with her mom, sister, and grandmother

Stacy’s love of antiques is still with her today. One of her favorite things to do while traveling with her husband is to find the best local thrift and antique stores and shop for beautiful items to add to their home.

Antique Answers was started to share and preserve information on vintage and antique items. The goal is to provide accurate information on the history, identification, and valuation of these collectible items. Hopefully, these articles will be a great resource for others who are interested in learning more about their own vintage heirlooms, or for those wishing to start or add to their own antique collection.

Antique Answers (www.antiqueanswers.com) is owned and operated by Ruby Red LLC, 1101 Volunteer Parkway, Suite 5-254, Bristol, TN 37620. You may contact us at [email protected].