Most Valuable Depression Glass Patterns

Columbia Pattern in Clear by Federal Glass Company – A set of 2 Columbia pattern serving bowls sold for over $6,000 on Ebay in 2017.

Mayfair (Open Rose) Pattern in Pink by Anchor Hocking – A 3-leg console bowl sold for nearly $5,000, one for $3,250. Sugar dish with lid for $3,250 and $2,500, lid only for over 2K

Cameo (Ballerina) in Green by Anchor Hocking – A single handle serving tray sold for nearly $4,000

Sylvan “Parrot” Pattern in Green – Several items including a water pitcher and hot plate have sold for between $1,000 – $3,500.

Old Colony in Pink by Anchor Hocking? 10 tab ashtray sold for over $2K

Coronation Pattern in Green by Anchor Hocking – Pitcher sold for over 2K

American Sweetheart – Monax? and in honey amber

Fostoria Navarre

Avocado in Green by Indiana Glass – pitcher for $2,000

Sharon (Cabbage Rose) in Pink by Federal Glass – Covered Cheese dish for $1800

Cherry Blossom in Pink and Green by Jeannette – salt and peppers in green for $1,627, set of 4 mugs in pink for $1700

Miss America in Ruby Red – 6 juice tumblers for $1,600

Criss Cross by Hazel Atlas in Blue – Pitcher for $1,500

NOTE: We used data provided by Worthpoint, which pulls information from Ebay sold listings as well as auction and estate sales. Worthpoint is a valuable tool for antique collectors and sellers!

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