Is Fenton Glass Worth Anything? Valuation Guide

Many people don’t know much when it comes to Fenton Glass, but Fenton Glass is a glass company that began in 1905 and was around until 2011. Many of their pieces were made previous to World War II, and as such, many pieces have become collectible.

Most glass pieces of the Fenton Art Glass Company are worth anywhere from $15-$50. As pieces age, they rise in value. Many people have taken to collecting Fenton Glass, and some rare pieces have been auctioned for over $1,000. Vintage Fenton glassware is worth more than the modern pieces.

When it comes to Fenton glass, their pieces can be very beautiful, and people are beginning to want to collect them. But what pieces have they made? How popular are they, and how popular were they in the past?

Fenton Hobnail Rare Limited Blue Carnival Glass Pitcher Set 1992
Fenton Hobnail Rare Limited Blue Carnival Glass Pitcher Set 1992 Sold for $375.55 from oz200000 on Ebay

Is Fenton Glass Popular?

The Fenton Glass Company was open for 106 years from 1905 to 2011. Although it is not open today, people are still looking for the exquisite, vintage pieces that were made by this famous company. Collectors have begun searching for Fenton Glass brand pieces so that they can continue to increase in value and be protected against the dangers of time and small children.

Fenton Glass was known for the beauty and uniqueness of its glass pieces. While not particularly popular today, many collectors believe it will make a comeback. As they say, trends always go in cycles, so it’s only a matter of time before glassware is popular again.

In the 1900s, Fenton Glass became popular for its carnival glass. Carnival glass is a glass that has been colored and is opaque. Many times we will see Fenton’s carnival glass as rosy pink colors, dark blues, and even blacks.

Antique Fenton Carnival Glass "Holly" Blue Cobalt Bowl circa 1915
Antique Fenton Carnival Glass “Holly” Blue Cobalt Bowl circa 1915 $140 from JimRabum on Etsy

Fenton Glass has many beautiful pieces that deserve to be seen and displayed. With their unique style, Fenton Glass made many interesting pieces of glassware that catch the eye and hold your attention.

Is Fenton Glass Expensive

Many pieces of Fenton Glass can be seen in small antique stores and small china shops where they are sold for really cheap considering the history behind Fenton Glass and how long they had been around. Many pieces have been lost to time and broken. This is why people believe that Fenton Glass will be very valuable in the future. The rarer that these pieces become, the more they are worth.

Some have begun collecting these glass pieces in the hopes of selling them in the distant future for a large profit. Since Fenton Glass was a large business, it may even be possible to collect these things in sets. Things that look alike, or have similar coloring.

Vintage Fenton Custard Glass Vase with Silver Crest, Uranium Glass (1940'S)
Vintage Fenton Custard Glass Vase with Silver Crest, Uranium Glass (1940’S) Sold for $49.99 from hannahs_corner on Ebay

Many of their pieces are made as individuals. A cup here, a vase there, and many different styles and colors of bowls and platters. Some people say that if you want to start collecting Fenton Glass, now is the time to start. (Source)

Many of these pieces are being sold for $5-$30 or even $30-$50. There is no telling how much these can be worth in 10-15 years. These very collectible pieces are going for very cheap right now, but some think that they will be popular again very soon, and when that happens, the worth of those pieces skyrockets.

Keep in mind that certain specialty Fenton pieces, such as hand painted and signed vases, can be worth $1,000 or more.

Is Fenton Glass Valuable

Because Fenton was around for so long, they created a lot of glassware. This makes the common pieces not worth very much, but some rare pieces have been sold for quite a lot of money.

One of the sales recorded from eBay says that a Rare Fenton Jade Turtle with Opalescent Aquarium was sold for $1,525. And these Fenton Glass Pieces only get more and more valuable by the year. Many people have begun collecting these items so that they can be protected, and begin to increase in value. The vintage pieces can be sold for $15-$50, while more modern pieces are harder to price.

Vintage Fenton Art Glass Plum Opalescent Hobnail Bowl and Pitcher Set
Vintage Fenton Art Glass Plum Opalescent Hobnail Bowl and Pitcher Set Sold for $950 from paparon1960 on Ebay

Some of the more modern items are more popular because they are closer to modern trends. With the swirls of carnival glass, mixed with the pearl white glasses, there is beginning to be a want for these pieces, especially the modern pieces. One of the modern pieces is a small cocktail glass that has dark-colored glass with small flowers etched into the base of the cup. The stem of the glass has small circles leading down into the smooth base. The colors mix perfectly with the decoration, filling each space with awe at the beauty that was created.

Many people are vying for these intricate glass Items. And, as we know, as demand goes up, so does the price. One of these items was sold on eBay for almost $3,200. (Source) One may wonder how much a larger item could be sold for.

Which Fenton Glass is Worth the Most

Check out this list of the most expensive Fenton items sold on Ebay in late 2020/early 2021 time frame. This chart is from TrueLegacy, and shows that several of the more expensive Fenton items were lamps, and the most expensive item sold during this time frame was a Fenton Vaseline Opal Curtain Optic Vase, selling for $3,199.

Fenton Auction Prices Chart from TrueLegacy

Many people have begun collecting Fenton Glass in the hopes of selling them for more when their value goes up. Many of their products were made as one-of-a-kind pieces so that the person that bought them would have something unique in their home. Many are being sold for thousands of dollars when professionals say they are worth from $5-$150. This just goes to show that many people are wanting Fenton Glass products, and are willing to pay a lot to get them.

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