Is Depression Glass Making a Comeback?

Is Great Depression Glass something that you should care about? It used to be super popular, but is it still?

Depression glass is making a comeback. Websites with Depression glass related content have noticed an increase in activity of 38% within the span of 3 months. Blue, pink, and green are the most popular Depression glass colors. As Depression glass increases in popularity, prices will increase.

If you have noticed depression glass in your local antique store, now may be the time to purchase it. Read on to find out more information about depression glass and its popularity.

green depression glass pitcher and glasses

Is Depression Glass Making a Comeback?

Depression glass is rising in popularity as more people are learning about the fascinating history behind it.

Depression glass first came to popularity during the Great Depression Era, hence the name “Depression glass.” At the time, new glassmaking techniques were being discovered and created, which led to a rise in the amount of glass being produced. Though you might think that glass pieces were expensive and out of place during the Great Depression, the reality is that it was one of the most sought-after things in the 1930s.

Just over 100 years ago, glass wasn’t very common anywhere. Making glass required a lot of power and skill, and each piece of glass had to be handcrafted. Because of this, ornamental pieces of glass were used mainly as decoration rather than as common household utensils. Instead, clay and china dishes were used.

Yellow Depression Glass Princess Pattern
Yellow Depression Glass Princess Pattern from EleanorsAtticTreasur on Etsy

However, with the rise of machinery and factories, glass became much easier and cheaper to mass-produce. Soon, everyone wanted to own glass kitchenware. The glass sold during this time was distinctive for being slightly colored and for having interesting designs and shapes. Depression glass was even offered as a free gift after you purchased various items from a store because of how cheap it was to produce.

Because of the unique coloring and style of this glass, it is growing in popularity today. Original pieces of glass plates and bowls are easily recognizable by antique collectors, and some pieces or sets can sell for hundreds of dollars. Because of the colored style and the iconic nature of this glass, reproductions of the old pieces have become more and more common.

These days, glass is the most common material for plates apart from plastic. It is surprisingly durable and it brings no strange aftertastes to food and drinks. When it comes to different styles, colors, and designs of plates, you can see that depression glass is gaining popularity.

Several years ago, the only plates and glass that had the distinctive Great Depression style were found in private collections and antique stores.

However, the charming colors and features have made homeowners want to buy this type of glass for their own use. Because of this interest, sets of tableware made out of reproduction Depression glass can be found in many different stores and online shops.

Hocking Blue Mayfair Open Rose Tea Cup and Saucer
Hocking Blue Mayfair Open Rose Tea Cup and Saucer $99.95 from StraitsAntiques on Etsy

Is Depression Glass Out of Style?

The current interest in depression glass proves that this style of dinnerware will never go out of style. While it may be considered old-fashioned, people like owning antique pieces of glass.

While the older methods of glass shaping left plates, cups, and bowls fragile and easily chipped or broken, common modern glassmaking strategies produce pieces that are durable and strong.

Furthermore, the colors that Depression glass comes in are interesting and beautiful to people. While you won’t find Depression glass everywhere, don’t be surprised if you see complete sets being used by people who love the rich color and the history behind this glass.

blue depression glass, pink depression glass, and green depression glass.

Where Can I Buy Depression Glass?

Today, you can buy authentic Depression glass from antique stores, auctions, private collectors, and online at sites like Ebay and Etsy.

A full set of plates, bowls, and cups can sell for around $1,000 if all of the pieces are authentic. You can tell reproductions of Depression glass from originals by looking for bubbles in the glass. Reproductions will not have these bubbles, but authentic Depression glass will.

However, if you are just looking for any reproduction of Depression glass because you like the style, you can find it in online stores or from a home decor store. You can also find portions of sets at thrift stores or from yard sales.

Although antique pieces can be valuable, reproductions of the Depression glass style cost no more than other sets of glass plates and cups.

Jeannette Floral Pink Poinsettia Depression Glass Set - $1500
Jeannette Floral Pink Poinsettia Depression Glass Set – $1500 from A2VintageHomeGoods on Etsy

What is the Best Way to Sell Depression Glass?

The best way to sell Depression glass is at a nearby antique store. Before you do so, you should make sure that your Depression glass is authentic. As mentioned above, you can look for bubbles in the glass to confirm that your Depression glass is antique. You can also identify the patterns in Depression glass to see if the patterns correspond to some of the most popular designs of the time.

The value of the Depression glass that you try to sell will depend on the condition that it is in and the color that it is. Jade and amber-colored pieces of depression glass sell for the highest price to collectors, but just about any color will do. Intricately designed depression glass with patterns etched on it will also be valuable.

Where Can I Sell My Depression Glassware?

If you are trying to sell antique depression glass, try to find a local antique store or a local auction to sell it at. Unfortunately, old depression glass can be extremely fragile, making it difficult to try to ship it or handle it causally. If you do try to sell it online, you could do so on a website like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, where the buyer can pick up the glass themselves instead of having to rely on the postal services.

All in all, depression glass is valuable and growing in popularity. If you have some pieces of depression glass that you are looking to sell, do your research to find out what the glass is worth. You should be able to sell off your depression glass for a decent price.

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