How much is Blenko Glass Worth? Valuation Guide

Blenko pieces range in price depending on factors such as age of the piece, rarity of the design, etc. Multiple resources can be found to get an idea of the price range for Blenko glass, but it can be a complicated process and there is no price range that is set in stone. In this post, we’ll explore some information that is available about the typical cost for Blenko glass items.  

Depending on the Blenko one wishes to value, the price range for pieces purchased from reputable dealers or online vendors can range from approximately $75 USD-$5,500 USD. Prices will vary, especially for a rare design or color. Items will likely be found for a lower cost when spotted at estate sales or yard sales.

There are a multitude of factors that determine the price of Blenko glass items. In this article, we will cover a few characteristics that influence price as well as information on pricing for a few rarer pieces, and information about the best places to purchase authentic Blenko glass.

Vintage Blenko Joel Myers Dome Ship Decanter Peacock Blue Teardrop Stopper
Vintage Blenko Joel Myers Dome Ship Decanter Peacock Blue Teardrop Stopper Sold for $1,639.99 from thefabfourjays on Ebay

What is Blenko Glass Worth?

It really depends on the design and even color in most instances. For example, Blenko’s iconic 384 Water Bottle is one of their most popular and most produced pieces. The price listed for purchase on Blenko’s website for a new version in typical Blenko colors starts at $64.00 USD. However, the price changes to $87.00 USD for a 384 Dollop Water Bottle (special design) and then as much as $128.00 USD for a Special Edition ‘Green Glow’ 384SE Water Bottle. (Source) Also, some pieces are auctioned off directly from the factory from time to time. Be sure to check out Blenko’s Shop page on their website to see what is available.

Before buying, review our article on Blenko glass identification to determine that you are purchasing an authentic piece.

Here are just a few examples of typical prices for common and rare Blenko pieces:

  • 384 Water Bottle (New) From $50-60 USD for general colors, upwards of $125 USD and higher for rare colors or limited-edition pieces. Limited-edition pieces may be produced in colors, have a logo that is etched (company logos, schools, special events, etc.),  
  • 384 Water Bottle (Vintage) Some are listed from online retailers for $250 USD and upwards. These are also priced according to rare/common colors and whether a piece was limited-edition.
  • 64B Vase (Vintage) Depending on the color of the piece, these vases range from $34 USD upwards to as much as $65 USD. These were not rare pieces, so they are much more affordable, even for a vintage Blenko piece. Pricing will depend on color. This style can be found in a smooth finish or in a crackle finish, and coloring may be one solid color or a gradient, such as their well-known tangerine gradient color.
  • 6935 Ribbed Decanter (Vintage) This is a rarer mid-century modern piece of Blenko glass that was produced in a variety of colors. These pieces may be as little as $65 USD or priced for as much as $350 USD.
  • Blenko Lamps (Vintage) Blenko lamps are often the most expensive pieces you can find. Some can be purchased in the $200-$300 USD range, whereas others can be found in the $1000 USD and up range. Mid-century modern floor lamps are the most expensive. Occasionally, you will find lamps in the $100-$200 USD range. Blenko no longer produces lamps, therefore they are a prized collector’s item. 

Where Can I Buy Authentic Blenko Glass?

One of the best places to purchase authentic Blenko glass is directly from the manufacturer, either through their store or in person at their gift shop located on the grounds of the factory in Milton, West Virginia. (Source) Often you will only find new pieces of Blenko in the factory’s online shop. However, there are a few vintage pieces for sale when visiting the shop in person.

Vintage 1969 Vintage Blenko Tangerine Glass Decanter
Vintage 1969 Vintage Blenko Tangerine Glass Decanter Sold for $299.99 from retroscore on Ebay

Most vintage pieces can be found online from reputable auction sites, antiques sites, and authentic antique stores. It would also be a good idea to check out yard sales and estate sales. At times these can be great resources for finding vintage Blenko glass. Most of the pieces found online will be mid-century modern and later. There doesn’t seem to be many options for finding pieces prior to the 1950s. If you do come across these older pieces, know that they are truly distinctive!

Blenko Collector Resources

There are many resources available to aid you in identifying and/or pricing Blenko items. Other than a Blenko collectibles expert, you may wish to consult books that have been published on the topic. Be sure to look for the most recent ones as older price guides will not reflect current prices. These books will give you a rough idea of worth but will not be as accurate as an online search since they are significantly older. Otherwise, many print resources will be helpful in learning how to identify Blenko glass.

Here is a list of the top ten titles that will be most helpful:

  1. Schroy, E. T. (2002). Warman’s glass: A values & identification guide. Iola, WI: Krause Publications.
  2. Eige, E., Wilson, R., & Blenko, R. (1987). Blenko glass, 1930-1953. Marietta, Ohio: Antique Publications.

*Note*: This title will provide Blenko catalogs for the years 1930-1953. These are not listed on the Blenko website.

  • Felt, T., Stoer, E., & Stoer, R. (2003). The glass candlestick book: Identification and value guide. Paducah, Ky: Collector Books.
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