Federal Glass Company Mid-Century Items

Federal Glass Company made beautiful glassware and dishes from 1900 – 1979. Though widely known for their Depression Glass patterns, Federal continued to make other popular glassware from 1940 until they shut down in 1979.

Glassware and dishes that Federal Glass Company produced during the Mid-Century Modern era (1940s – 1979) include:

  • Heritage Pattern
  • Park Avenue
  • Kitchenware (Refrigerator Dishes, Mixing Bowls, etc) – shown only as “Kitchenware” in advertisement, Refrigerator Set of Refrigerator Jars and Covers, as well as Measuring Cup, Butter and Cover, and 4 Piece Mixing Bowl Set
  • Star
  • Golden Glory
  • Mini Mugs (also called shot glasses)
  • Tall Glasses – Highball Drinkware
  • Ovenware Mixing Bowls – Atomic and other
  • Heatproof Collection – Dura-White
  • Silk-screened beverage tumblers in popular brands
  • Colonial Jar and Cover 1967 (later made by Indiana Glass)
  • Yorktown
  • Georgetown
  • Beer Steins
  • Moon Glow
  • Windsor
  • Eldorado tumblers
  • Joan Luntz signature glasses
  • Eva Zeisel designed Prestige ware
  • Eva Zeisel designed Stockholm ware
  • Homestead
  • Petal
  • Pioneer

Heritage (1940-1955)

Crystal (clear)was the most prominent color produced in Heritage pattern. However, Federal also made some pieces of this pattern in pink, blue, and green. This pattern was reproduced later on and included the colors of amber and a darker green.

Vintage Federal Glass Company Heritage Pattern Crystal Clear Dinner Plates
Vintage Federal Glass Company Heritage Pattern Crystal Clear Dinner Plates – Set of 2 sold for $10.75 from Toysnmorefun4u on Ebay

Park Avenue (1941-1970s)

Park Avenue pattern was mainly produced in crystal (clear) but amber pieces were made as well. Also, some clear Park Avenue items have gold trim.

5 Piece Salad or Dessert Set in Park Avenue by Federal Glass – $40 from GlitteryGranny on Etsy

Kitchenware (1930s – 1950s? Unverified)

I have yet to confirm information about the kitchenware below with verifiable sources. What I DO know for sure based on an image in the book “Shield F” is that a 1948 issue of the Federal Glass Catalog includes the following under the title “Kitchenware”.

  • Refrigerator Dishes – Some of the most popular vintage Federal Glass items today are their ribbed refrigerator dishes with lids. The bottoms of the dishes are all ribbed and the tops all have a fruit or vegetable design. These items also sell with a ribbed top only as well as in the colors of amber and pink, but I cannot verify that these are legitimate.
  • Orange Reamer and Lemon Reamer
  • Butter and Cover
  • Measuring Cup – 3 Spouts
  • 4 Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Please contact me if you have more information on the history of Federal Glass kitchenware, especially the refrigerator dishes!

Star (1950s)

Like Park Avenue, Star also was produced mainly in crystal (clear), but also included some gold-trimmed items and some amber items.

Golden Glory (1959-1966, 1978-1979)

Golden Glory is a beautiful opaque white pattern with 22K gold decorations. It may be difficult to come across pieces of Golden Glory in great condition, as wear and tear was easily shown on the gold decorations and the fading caused by detergent.

Federal GOLDEN GLORY 7 3/4" SALAD PLATES Bamboo HEAT PROOF Milk Glass Set of 8
Federal GOLDEN GLORY 7 3/4″ SALAD PLATES Bamboo HEAT PROOF Milk Glass Set of 8 – Sold for $20 from thelatelydeal on Ebay

Beer Steins

To my knowledge, beer steins were only made in clear, opaque white, and opaque white iridized / pearlescent.


Shield F – The Federal Glass Company by Marg Iwen

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