Do They Still Make Grandfather Clocks?

Are you interested in purchasing a grandfather clock? Perhaps you are looking for a grandfather clock that is not an antique, but will you be able to find one? We’ll dive into the grandfather clock industry and explore production over time as well as answer the question of if you can purchase a newly constructed grandfather clock.

If you are in search of a new grandfather clock, you are in luck! Grandfather clocks are still being produced today and are typically an affordable alternative to antique or vintage versions. Two trusted manufacturers of modern versions include the brands Howard Miller and Ridgeway, both considered reputable brand names in clocks. 

For more information on new grandfather clocks, we’ll dive into two of the most trusted individual brands that manufacture grandfather clocks and include general pricing information. In my search for new versions, I found it interesting that there are both traditionally styled and more unique (think Minimalist décor for example) styles of grandfather clocks available.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock - limited edition - Millenium edition 610-871
Howard Miller Grandfather Clock – limited edition – Millenium edition 610-871 – $1,699 from grrob5053 on Ebay

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

The Howard Miller Clock Company has been a trustworthy name in clocks for decades. Dating back to 1926, Howard Miller Clock Company began as an American manufacturer of wall and mantle clocks and they were widely known for these types of clocks (Source). They did not begin producing grandfather clocks until the 1960s.

Eventually, Howard Miller Clock Company acquired clock brands Ridgeway, Hekman, and Woodmark. Over the years, the company has branched into other types of furniture such as curio cabinets, wine/spirits furniture, and home storage products (Source). They also own the Kieninger Company of Germany and this company makes the majority of mechanical movements in Howard Miller clocks.

On their website, Howard Miller offers a variety of grandfather clocks to choose from. If you’re going for a classic grandfather clock look (wood cabinet, hood, classic dial, etc.) The Mimi Grandfather Clock 660272 is a fine choice (Source). Classically styled in Hampton Cherry, this clock will capture the attention of any visitor to your home. Howard Miller also offers other timeless designs that range from simple yet elegant to elaborate and stately.

Other options include grandfather clocks that fit into your modern décor home themes. One example is the Echo IV Floor Clock 611321 (Source).  Tempered glass and LED lighting with a narrow pendulum makes this a wonderful choice for a Minimalist theme.

Other modern choices include Industrial style pieces, pieces that would fit well with a Modern Farmhouse theme, and even some that would be great for a Futuristic style home.

The Howard Miller brand is one worth exploring simply for quality and variety. The website features a tool where you can locate a Howard Miller authorized dealer near you. This tool is not only for United States buyers but also for buyers of other countries (Source). Be sure to look at their traditional and unique designs featured on their website. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing a Howard Miller clock, as a collector you will find the variety of styles fascinating to view.

Ridgeway Clocks

Ridgeway is another American manufacturer that started producing grandfather clocks in the 1960s. The company dates back to 1926 when it was named The Gravely Furniture Company (Source). In 1985, Pulaski Furniture Corporation purchased the brand (still known as Gravely Furniture Company) and renamed it Ridgeway Clocks. Some clocks prior to the merger will have Ridgeway listed as the brand. In 2004, Howard Miller Clock Company purchased the Ridgeway brand. In 2017, Howard Miller decided to close the Ridgeway Furniture brand. They still produce grandfather clocks under the Ridgeway name today.

If you’re looking for a traditionally styled grandfather clock, Ridgeway is the brand for you. On their website, Ridgeway features a variety of traditional styles and one style that appears a bit more modern. One fine example of a traditionally styled grandfather clock is their Darius Grandfather Clock 2591 (Source). This clock has a Bellair Cherry finish and finely detailed traditional dial and pendulums. This would be an exquisite addition to your home.

Another classic option has an additional feature for the collector. The Clarksburg Grandfather Clock 2041 features a built in curio cabinet, perfect for displaying a glass or porcelain collection or for displaying other fine collectables (Source). The clock has a Country Maple finish and an interior light in the curio cabinet area. Because there is a built-in cabinet, there is no pendulum on this clock.

However, the Ridgeway website is a bit tricky to navigate. It is not easy to find where to purchase Ridgeway clocks as there are no dealership options to view. A customer service number is provided as well as live chat where you can obtain more information on purchasing these clocks.

How Much is a New Grandfather Clock?

This depends on where you purchase your modern grandfather clock. Fine furniture stores are likely going to be your most expensive option. However, you will have the added benefit of knowing that you are purchasing an authentic brand name item and you may even be offered special warranties, either through the manufacturer or through the store itself. Fine furniture stores also typically offer the added bonus of ordering an item that you would like to purchase that isn’t currently available in their showroom.

You can also find these clocks at reputable online retailer websites such as Amazon and Wayfair (not an exclusive list, there are other retailers but these are some of the most widely known and most trusted). A quick Amazon search for Howard Miller Floor & Grandfather Clocks featured grandfather clocks in the range of approximately $900 to 7000 USD. A search on Wayfair for Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks provided mixed results (not all results for Howard Miller or for grandfather clocks) with prices ranging from $3,000 to $30,000 USD.

A search for Ridgeway Grandfather Clock on Amazon resulted in mostly Howard Miller results. I could not successfully locate a Ridgeway grandfather clock from this retailer. A search on Wayfair also produced results that were similar to the Amazon search—not very many grandfather clocks and the ones that were shown were Howard Miller or other brands. Ridgeway clocks would best be found by inquiring on their website or searching an online auction site for used models

These are just examples from two retailers but as you can see, there are options for every budget. It would be worth looking into other online retailers in your search, including online auction websites. . You can also contact a fine furniture store near you to find out if they offer these brands.

Are There Modern Grandfather Clocks?

If brand isn’t much of a factor for deciding on a purchase, there are many affordable options available. These clocks are produced under a variety of brand names and will look beautiful in your home. Please note that quality will vary. Many less expensive grandfather clocks are not crafted in solid wood but will have a veneer finish. Inner mechanisms and dials may not be made of traditionally used materials either.

If you are interested in a grandfather clock that would also be considered fine furniture, you will want to look at the brands mentioned in this article. Recently manufactured Howard Miller and Ridgeway grandfather clocks will be ones treasured as antiques and heirloom pieces in the future. These timeless pieces are truly a worthwhile investment and will be a beautiful feature of your home décor for years to come.

For more information on grandfather clocks, check out our articles on the origins of grandfather clocks and how grandfather clocks got their name.

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